Thursday, January 20, 2011

He's Not My Baby Any more!!!!

I decided it was time to cut Gabriel's hair again and borrowed some clippers. In the proccess Eli starts Begging and pleading for me to cut his hair like Gabriel. I told him not only no but HECK no!! Later that night, many tears later (from me!), I finally said yes, and cut my little boys beautiful brown hair all off. He just doesn't look like my baby any more!!!!

Christmas at Grandma Cain's

We have had a Christmas Eve party for as long as I can remember. It used to be at Grandma Jones's, then moved to my Aunt Judy's. After she moved it has been at Mom's. I love and look forward to it every year. Mostly because I remember the memories I have of these parties with my cousins and so forth. And I know my kids are building the same memories as they grow. From cousins and Aunts and Uncles, to watching every year in anticipation as Grandma hands out the presents she loving got for everyone. To the Family friends (practically family) the Curtains, and faithful Jack, always picking up the chaos of mess when it is all said and done! That chatter and laughter. And mostly to Mom and all that she does, year after year, day in and day out to make our family great! Thanks Mom for yet another wonderful party!!

The Princess is 3!!!

I cannot believe, my baby, my little girl is 3! Part of me is so excited at the new changes in her as she is no longer a baby, the other part, makes my heart ache, she is my baby! In fact I called her baby girl the other day and she said "No Mom, I am a Big Girl, not Baby!!"

Her birthday was princess, princess and more princess. She got a chest with dress up stuff and she LOVES it. She had a very happy birthday, and still to this day enjoys her princess dresses and changes multiple times a day! She even got a cute little princess chair set and some pretend food. She is starting to love to play pretend!

Derby time!!

With the chance of going out of order I will start off with the derby, and slowly add the other stuff as I can. Gabriel had is very first Pinewood Derby Race for scouts, and it actually became an activity for the whole family. Mom and Dad and Gabriel all worked on the shape, Gabriel put the first coat of paint on, and I did two more ( with the help of Sierra, really not so helpful) and Gabe and Dad put the stickers on.

The night of the race I was so surprised and pleased, he won 2 of his races. He was so excited. But I think the best part was all the boys just had fun. Win or loose, I told Gabe they were all winners. They all had fun and learned new things. It was amazing, and so much fun!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Well, I think I can finally say that I have most of the rest of the house in order (or as orderly as anything is in the Black home) Christmas is over, and I finally fixed my blog so it is actually viewable again.

So, hopefully starting later tonight or bright and early tomorrow, Avidity should be up and running! Wish me luck! And see you soon!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to School Insanity

Well, after a full week of getting ready for back to school with the shopping, doctors, dentists, organizing and just plain insanity it is finally here! Gabriel started yesterday, Eli will start tomorrow and Savannah will meet her teacher tomorrow, but will not start until next Wed. The kids are all excited and I am thrilled. In the afternoon the only kid I will have will be Sierra. I fully plan to take advantage of this (and nap time) to catch up on some much neglected things in life. Including my poor blog. So hang tight, and I will get my new stuff up.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Bit!

In my long absence from posting on my blog many big things have happened! One of them being my Little Bit (Eli) turned 4 years old! I look at the pictures of when he was born, and the healthy beautiful boy he has become and it brings me near to tears. It has been a long hard road for my little guy, but he has made it! I'm so proud of my little boy, he may be tiny, but his heart is huge!

PS: Can you tell the theme of his birthday??